About Us

Sarkara’s world is sweet

We aim to bring the world’s finest, most interesting and iconic sweets to candy fans throughout New Zealand.

How we started

Our business came about through our love for travel.

As we toured around amazing countries we noticed how each country had different sweets, linked to their unique cultural flavours.

In Mexico they were spicy, in Korea more nutty, France more delicate and in Japan vibrantly eye-catching.

This international array of sweets represents a world full of fun and excitement, a world where we are all unique and yet all enjoy a lil’ something sweet.

We started Sarkara with the idea of surprising and delighting people with international flavours from around the globe.

For some it’s an old favourite from the U.S.A or England that brings back the whiff of by-gone days and for others it’s the squeal of excitement as they pop something strange into their mouth.

For whatever the reason or reaction we strive to make your day something special.

Our website

Is proud to offer a wide range of our in-store candy delights to customers throughout New Zealand.

In addition to our morsels from around the world, we offer a unique candy gift box, ideal for anyone searching for a deliciously unique gift.

Our site aims for perfection, however at times we acknowledge things may not be right.

If you see anything that doesn’t make sense or have a suggestion please just let us know.

 Our store

The Sarkara store is located in central Wellington at 7 Manners Street. Here you can smell, touch and drool over our full range as well enjoy some friendly banter with our team.

Your opinion matters

We are firm believers that our business is not about us.

Our business is about you.

Our customers and their enthusiasm keep us alive, which is why your opinion really does matter.

If you have a concern, are less than satisfied with your purchase or have anything else to say please contact us as soon as you can and let us know – we really are listening.

 Suggest a sweet

The team at Sarkara is always on the hunt for new treats to add to our range. So please if you think we are missing something great email us your suggestion today to thesweetside@sarkara.co.nz –  and please don’t forget to include the sweet and manufacturer’s name!