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Wonderful, weird and lovely people

Despite whining my way through the last few blog posts. Being pregnant isn’t all that bad.


I think pleWonderful people imagenty of woman thrive on the feeling of feminine fertility and actually adore pregnancy.  Although I’d never use the words ‘adore’ and ‘pregnancy’ in the same sentence, I have to say there is something really fascinating about watching your skin stretch that quickly, and the whole having a baby thing has made me so fantastically satisfied and proud of my body.

I stopped looking at my body with pure vanity and started seeing it as a really cool, functional and a down-right awe inspiring thing.

But the point of this post is to move away from pregnancy and talk about a phenomenon of the store which to be honest I didn’t expect. The realisation that people are awesomely wondrous.

I’m sure a lot of people imagine a candy store full of teenage candy fiends revelling in their youthful exuberance for bright colours and sugar. But the beauty of Sarkara is that anyone and everyone is enticed in by  the  array of bright colours.  And despite having preached sayings such as “never judge a book by its cover”, it took being in Sarkara for me to turn all the pages of the books and realise it’s fully true.

Some of the nicest, most genuinely humble people I have met have been the ones who I assume a lot of society would deem to be the opposite. As a business we have a policy of treating anyone that walks into the store with respect and a bit of happy love – after all it’s a lolly store and we are a big part of the magic.

What has saddened me the most in my customer service experience, is that customers who look a tad different are actually surprised to be treated with respect instead of suspicion. What on Earth would I know about their lives to be able to judge them? It’s actually not my business, just as my past and my sins are not theirs (we’ll actually as a business owner I feel they have more right to judge me than I do them).

I’ve had all sorts walk into Sarkara. Teenage girls (who are always far nicer than I ever was at that age), suits looking for gifts, tattooed candy fans, construction workers, older ladies and politicians. All of them interesting, a very few of them slightly rude, but every single one of them absolutely worth my time and energy.

Sarkara is something of a bar, we listen to our customers. We listen to their bloody awesome lives – full of travel, dreams of new starts,  and giddy excitement about seeing old friends and families.

If you ever wanted your faith restored in humanity, spend a week in a candy store.

And as an ending note, in our experience, those who are going to steal, aren’t always who you expect. There are Mum’s with babies, men in suits, kids in Nike, conversational Germans and everything in between.  It’s easier to give up guessing and just be happy someone is in your store than spend time aggravating yourself accusing people in your head.