Foam piggies – 55 grams (Dutch)


This Dutch version of the famous English Percy Pig is just as delicious.  Vegetarian friendly and incredibly easy to eat. Both adults and kiddies will go crazy for these.

Katja Biggetjes (piglets) are soft, foamy textured and cute, with a delightful fresh raspberry taste, that is very addictive!

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Ingredients: glucose syrup  sugar modified starch dextrose Juice from fruit concentrate (apple , mandarin , elderberry )Acid (citric acid , malic acid, lactic acid)potato starchnatural flavorFruit Concentrates ( elderberry , grape, blackcurrant)Hydrolyzed pea protein Vegetable oil ( sunflower)Glazing agent ( beeswax white and yellow)May contain traces of milk.

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55 grams



Vegetarian Friendly