Known in Spanish as golosinas, Mexican candy packs a punch. Be warned these sweets often contain chili or tamarind.

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  • Canel's mini gum

    Canel’s Mini Chewing Gum – pack of 15 (Mexico)


    Tiny wrapped pieces of delicious Mexican chewing gum. We sell these is bags of 15 pieces and each bag contains a good variety of exciting flavours including  peppermint, spearmint, cinnamon, orange, eucalyptus, rum and anise.

  • Dedos mexican candy

    Dedos Spicy & Sour (Mexico)


    Spicy and sour candy what more could you ask for? For Mexicans this candy is a bit of a staple. For those unused to Mexican delights the flavour will explode in your mouth, leaving an unforgettable and moorish sensation.

  • Rockaleta lollipop – pack of 2 (Mexico)


    This is an out of this world lollipop! Layers of flavours explode in your mouth in waves of sweet chili and mango sensations. To top it off it all ends in a delightful bubble gum centre. This is hands down one of our favourite sweets in the world.


  • Pica fresa spicy strawberry- 55 grams (Mexico)


    Vero Pica Fresa candy are a Mexican spicy strawberry flavoured chewy morsel, with a bang. They’ve got a rough texture on the outside. But then as you begin to devour them you get to a chewy strawberry and chili centre.

    They may sound a little scary but these sweets are absolutely delicious.


Showing all 4 results