• Blue cushion gift box

    Blue decadence


    A gift that looks as good as it tastes. These navy blue cushion boxes come lovingly tied with a large cream ribbon. It’s a touch of class for anyone looking to give someone a delicious surprise.

  • Bon bon gift pack - white

    White Wonders


    A delicate, classy and intricate box  filled with 50 grams of our most popular bon bon flavours.

  • Fill your own candy box $25

    Fill Your Own Gift Box – $29.50


    Choose 12 yummy treatsFill your own candy box $25

    Simply click on the picture of the sweet treat you want.

    Once you’ve filled your gift click ‘add to cart’ and it will be ready and waiting for you at check-out.

  • Candy mix in panda gift box



    Who wouldn’t like a cute panda bursting with 150 grams of delicious goodies?

    Each panda comes packed with delicious goodies like Jolly Ranchers, wine gums and flying saucers.