Japanese Sweets

Try some delicious Japanese candy bites

Japan’s zany approach to candy means every morsel is both delicious and fun! Take a look at our range, and brighten up your day with something sweet from one of the world’s best sweet-making nations

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  • Coris Whistle candy japan

    Coris Whistle Candy – Japan


     These fun Japanese sweet packs are flavoured with ramune, a traditional Japanese soft drink similar to lemonade. Each sweet has a small hole in the centre which enables you to whistle through it.

    Each pack contains eight sweets and a small toy in a box, pretty much the Japanese version of a Kinder Surprise!

  • Fettuccine peach gummy

    Italian Peach Gummy Fettuccine (Japan)


    Japanese gummy candy is divine. These packs of fettuccine look-a-like sweets are infused with peach juice from Italian peaches for an authentic Italian peach flavour then dusted with powdered sour candy for a delightful hit of tangy goodness.

  • Green tea – 55 grams (Korea)


    Packing a major green tea flavour, these suckers will cleanse the palette, leaving you feeling refreshed and calm.

Showing all 3 results