Continental Goodies (German, Dutch, Spanish, Swedish & Finnish)

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  • Haribo blue heart throbs

    Haribo Blue Hearts – 55 grams (Germany)


    Fruity Haribo candy bites to sweeten anyone’s heart!  Perfect for giving to that special someone, or anyone you have a lot of love for.  These are a new Haribo product so be one of the first to try them!

  • Foam piggies

    Foam piggies – 55 grams (Dutch)


    This Dutch version of the famous English Percy Pig is just as delicious.  Vegetarian friendly and incredibly easy to eat. Both adults and kiddies will go crazy for these.

    Katja Biggetjes (piglets) are soft, foamy textured and cute, with a delightful fresh raspberry taste, that is very addictive!

  • Venco chalk liquorice

    Schoolkrijt (liquorice chalk) – 80 grams (Dutch)


    Well loved around the world, this Dutch minty-liquorice makes a fantastic sweet to keep in the car to enjoy on long road trips.

    A crunchy and minty white ‘chalky’ exterior hides a delicious  and slightly spicy liquorice centre; giving it an extra special and unique taste.

  • Chilli cherry liquorice

    Cherry & Chilli liquorice – 80 grams (Sweden)


    It sounds strange but it is pretty darn delicious. These gummy Swedish bites are one part cherry and one part chilli liquorice. Try something truly different and give these a whirl!


  • Salty liquorice skulls

    Salty Liquorice Skulls – 80 gram (Sweden)


    For those in the liquorice know these are definitely a must eat. A Swedish salty liquorice with a slightly creepy exterior. A niche candy, for the diehard salted liquorice fans.


  • dutch-liq

    Double Salted Dutch Liquorice – 80 grams


    Known as “Dubbel Zoute Drop” in the Netherlands, not everyone can handle the extreme bitter, salty taste that this liquorice gives.

    This liquorice drop is harder in texture and strong in flavour. This is definitely not recommended for the beginner European liquorice eater.

  • maoam_minis

    Maoam bloxx minis x 3 (Germany)


    Boom, the Haribo team has done it again! These delicious chews are popular with both young and old. Each pack contains five scrummy fruit chews.

    Ingredients: sugar, glucose syrup, vegetable oil, humectant (sorbitol syrup) gelatine, citric acid, flavouring

  • twist-kisses

    Twist Kisses – 55 grams (Spain)


    Deliciously tasty gummy strawberry & cream delights from Spain.

  • Maoam mini sours

    Maoam mini sours x 3 (Germany)


    A world famous delicious sassy sour treat. These ever popular sour fruit-chews are famous for a simple reason – they’re absolutely delicious!

    Flavours are cherry, apple and orange, with five chews in each pack.

    * Sorry, we can only offer these in a lucky dip flavour variety, but promise to mix it up.

Showing 13–21 of 21 results