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How to not do a to-do list

Blog post on to do listsAlthough many of us manage to not do much in a day. If you want to become especially proficient at it, simply have a baby.

Since Jax was born I don’t think a day has gone by where I’ve actually managed to achieve any of the plans I’d aimed to tick off that day. It’s not even that I have set particularly lofty tasks. It can be things like printing off price signs for the store, designing a poster, or peeing in the morning, and yet most, if not all of them end up on a never-ending to-do tomorrow list.

Nothing ever goes to plan with a baby in tow. Whenever I’ve thought Jax had a napping, feeding or pooing schedule he’d celebrate my naivety by changing it as soon as I’d planned my day around it.

For the first few months of his life, I’d get incredibly stressed about my lack of business achievement. Mixed with extreme tiredness, there were many days when I completely despaired and would desperately look for ways I could sell the business to be free of that additional pressure. Unfortunately in order to sell a business you need to prepare it for sale, and that alone takes a lot of work. Which meant there were many days when I simply sat breast-feeding, feeling trapped and paralysed by my business.

But things have gotten better, I’ve learnt to get things done while half concentrating on Jax and half concentrating on my laptop. You can tell this by reading my sent emails and discovering that not a single one of them is free from multiple spelling or grammatical errors.

But mainly it has gotten better thanks to those around me. My Mum has stepped up and taken on a starring role in the business. And probably much to both our surprise, it has resulted in hardly any plate-throwing rows. In fact her skills and different approach, an understanding of new demographics have been invaluable to our growth.

Mum’s assistance has shown me that no matter how much you believe your way is the right way, someone else’s ideas are key to strengthening a business model.

I’d strongly advise solo-business owners to find someone with a fresh outlook to at some point become invested in their business. This could be as simple as taking the time to listen to your employees’. But in my opinion if growth is what you’re after, you’d be better off taking on a business partner, as this carries are far heavier burden of emotional investment.

All right, now back to me. The upshot is, I’ve been extremely lucky to be gifted with a Mum with an array of talents, who has willingly taken much of the stress and burden of the business away from me, while I’m tied up wiping off the incredibly wide variety of different coloured poos coming out of my baby’s tiny bum.

The final key to Sarkara surviving my inability to do, to-do lists is having found a fantastic employee. She’s customers focussed, a cleaning machine, mature in her outlook on life and possess a great eye for detail. Which gives her the capability to be very aware of all the errors in my emails!

Pretty much I’ve hit the employer jackpot. But as most business owners can tell you, she is a little needle of glitter in a haystack of potential employees.

So if you’ve got time, join me next week as I take you through some of the interesting bumps in my road to landing a pretty damn close to perfect employee. To give you a little teaser, it will include someone not locking the shop at night, another one who refused to use an adult’s voice and someone who managed to get a customer to storm out within literally two minutes of working.