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Dark Days without coffee (part II)

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There are absolutely no words to describe the tiredness many women feel in the first three months of pregnancy, none.

I have gone to work in my early twenties after having gotten home three hours prior and have felt like a Disney character dancing with Bluebirds compared to how I felt in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy.

Not only are you not allowed more than a cup of coffee a day to combat your zombie-like stupor, you’re apparently also not supposed to tell people you’re pregnant until 12 weeks, which severely limits your whinging ability.

Anyone who has worked in retail will know that one of the biggest drawbacks is that it can be excruciatingly boring. There will be days where the store is buzzing and hours fly by. But on others the seconds trickle by at the speed of a ladies’ toilet queue in a pub. Additionally, when it’s your own business, these customer-less seconds are each filled with an ever-growing feeling of stress.

Now, take those droning seconds of stress and add to that a pregnancy, tiredness and severe caffeine withdrawals and you have yourself one mentally unstable business owner. I think my partner got cried at, screamed at and scowled at in six months more than a mother of a two year old does in two years.

I’m not even sure how I managed to get anything done in those first few months. But I did. I came home worked nights, and actually achieved some business growth. It all made me suddenly more proud to be a woman, more aware of how strong they can be. Losing control of your body for nine months is scary and selfless and should be recognised more. I’m thinking a government-funded meal on wheels for every pregnant lady or a standing ovation every morning for being awake and not crying at work.

The bottom line is that we get through it, and despite struggling at times, the store progressed and sales got better. As with most posts I’ll finish up with some nuggets of information I learnt on my pregnancy road:

  1. Don’t Google pregnancy bodies in an attempt to raise self-esteem. Those that put their photos on the net are often those who are proud as punch that they still fit into their jeans six months along. The shape your body takes while pregnant isn’t really determined by you, so looking at others may simply make you depressed.
  2. Don’t Google “what to eat while pregnant”. Once you’ve been through various opinion blogs and mummy forums you’ll discover that you’re supposed to grow life on broccoli and steak (however, both must be served at exactly the right temperature and cooked by a 65 year old virgin)
  3. Don’t Google.

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