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Rolling, Jingling and Baby Internet Blues

Baby trumpHere’s a brief recap of events over the last week or so. It rained; Trump startled everyone by actually becoming the President of the United States, it rained again, Jax began yet another painful stretch of teeth sprouting, then it rained a wee bit more, a major earthquake reminded us all of our own mortality, stock arrived from the UK for Christmas (while it was raining) and the store started gearing up for Christmas.

Rain+baby+internet = crap idea

 It honestly feels like it has been raining all my life. I vaguely remember a day potentially last week where I frolicked in the sun with wee Jax. But with the great outdoors not being an entertainment option I began to desperately search for new things to keep Jax brimming with the will to live. Which ultimately led me to make bad decisions involving searching the Internet. Consequently after looking up ideas for 12 month old (Jax is 11 months, but I figured I’d challenge him, as he challenges me) I discovered the following suggestions:

“ Hide objects around the house and ask him to go find them i.e. go get my shoes”

Hand a phone to your child and keep one for yourself. Pretend to make calls, and hold conversations with each other or imaginary people. Use funny voices, and create silly characters on the other line.”

Ummmm Jax has just learnt to push his trolley at great speed across our lounge, sometimes he’ll shake his head randomly and he’ll da,da,da,da (never enough ma,ma,ma,ma for the effort I’ve put in) merrily during important moments in TV programmes. But the suggestion that in one month he will be getting my shoes on command or having a bloody telephone conversation with me seems utterly ludicrous. All that this Internet search resulted in was a new gnawing stress that my perfect little man may not be developing, as he should.

My concerns are obviously stupid, as babies go at their own speed and other than not being able to dial me up for a chat when he’s out and about he seems perfectly happy and normal. But there’s nothing like feeding a new Mum’s instinct for worry like an Internet search.


Christmas Bells Tolling

I’ve got a thing about retail stores getting their Christmas on too soon. It always seems like they’re trying to leech off the season rather than celebrate it. Don’t misunderstand me; at Sarkara we love Christmas in part because it’s a financial boom. But we also enjoy it because of the energy the customers bring, the excitement about long holidays and we especially love the squeals of delight when we hear a customer find something they know someone will love.

The challenges for a business like Sarkara is the need to order stock so much in advance. Often our suppliers will not have their Christmas stock ready for ordering in August and knowing which of our new items will be top sellers and which won’t is always a bit of a guessing game. But we do our best and hope to please.

I also get super, duper excited about having my Christmas songs playlist in-store. It doesn’t go on until the fortnight leading up to Christmas but it makes me so happy inside. I spent honestly (and slightly sadly) hours putting a playlist of international Christmas songs together. I’ve got rap, reggae, Spanish, French and the Ramones it doesn’t get any more non-annoying and cheerful than these yuletide tunes.

My to-do list is still vast, I’ve got a Christmas promotion to convince people to have in their restaurants, Google ads to set up, and not to mention stuff like decorations, labels etc. to organise. But no matter what I’m sure we’ll still feel the buzz of a Merry Christmas.

Women are dogs

Ahh Trump, I haven’t got much to say really. I feel he’s a product of those who feel bitterness at a new developed world where the rich are rich and the poor are poor. We should all be aware of these voices, that feel due to their race, gender or historic prominence they ‘deserved’ to be treated more fairly by a world which has advanced developing nations (read non-white people) and has moved manufacturing jobs outside of a nation.

As a believer in a global world where my right as a person who so happened to be born in New Zealand is no greater than anyone else’s, I personally believe these under skilled, tunnel vision voters are wrong. They voted for an under qualified man, who campaigned using rhetoric to literally divide and conquer in the hopes that he’d make them ‘great again’. I never once heard him say he’d do this by up-skilling them, or provide counselling in the hopes they’d realise what their ancestors did to others. Or by giving them inner drive over outward blame.

But other than that, it saddens me that we live in an anger driven world. And it distresses me even more that a man who clearly sees a woman’s worth is in his pants, can rally support behind his ‘cause’. But then again when I think of it Mormonism enlisted millions too.

Shake, Shake, Shake Sarkara, Shake your Candy Store

While the U.S.A was reeling from the Trump win, New Zealand began reeling in a much more profound way. The 7.5 magnitude earthquake rocked us in the Wellington region like no earthquake I’ve every felt before. It wasn’t so much a shaking as a weird seesaw motion. But I think with earthquakes like this the scary part is the reminder that you are so minute, vulnerable and unarmed against Mother Nature.

The store shut for a day, but I have to say that despite the slow realisation that this would affect business I was more immediately worried about those closer to the epicentre, all I could think was ‘hell, if that’s how it felt here, what has happened there.’

Luckily the death toll wasn’t high and in a sign that the world keeps spinning round and round – it rained today.